Available Cats

Available Cats

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Jenny and Penny (bonded pair)

  • Approx. 6 months old

  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • LOVE to cuddle and play

  • Great with kids and get along with other animals with time and a proper introduction


  • Approx. 1.5 years old, completely vetted

  • A bit shy in the beginning, but once I get to know you, I am the most friendly and cuddly kitty ever

  • Loves lounging with foster mom

  • Currently lives with kids and other cats, but untested with dogs.

  • Likes to spend my days cuddled up to my people and eating my meals!

Mr. Fox


  • Up to date with vaccinations

  • Loves a home that is peaceful (no children or other animals) and quiet as he is timid

  • Approx. 3-4 years old


  • Has some chemical/heat burns on 3 paws and lips from a previous incident, but medically cleared.

  • Loves attention very much and has lived with both cats and dogs.

  • Loves people!


  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • Very friendly and loves attention

  • Loves kids and with the proper introduction, gets along well with other animals


  • Fully vetted

  • Absolutely love playing with my fur siblings and get along great with kids.

  • Untested with dogs. However based on how quick and easy my adjustment into my foster home was, I think I would be fine with other animals.

  • I love to play but I also love to give cuddles and kisses.


  • Came into care with his sisters (Beta and Charlie) as a feral and he was a wild child!

  • His foster family thought there would be no taming with little spit fire. He was not just wild, but also was not overly fearful - a tricky combination. With time, love, a ton of patience and lots and lots of tasty morsels, he came a long way!

  • He is now a friendly, curious, amusing young fella. He comes for pets and occasionally enjoys a tummy rub. He has recently started sleeping curled up next to his foster mom. Although, he has made huge progress and continues to do so, he does not yet care to be picked up.

  • He gets along well with all his feline siblings and is very fond of his 82lb canine foster brother. The one thing that has not changed is that he still fearless and likes to check out all things going on in the house.


  • Fondly referred to by her foster family Bee or Beatrice.

  • Came into care as a feral with her brother and sister (Alpha and Charlie) and this girl is the epitome of a scaredy cat.

  • From the get go, she has been the most fearful of the three and continues to be. She has made great progress and is very affectionate when lured in with some tasty treats. She can be held, but just curls up into a ball in your arms.

  • Gets along well her feline foster siblings, but could live without her large, clumsy, oaf of a canine foster brother stomping all over. She would likely tolerate calmer or smaller dogs much better.

  • Due to her shyness, she would likely be better suited to a quiet home and only older children.

  • Loves to play. She enjoys the laser pointer and chasing thing on the end of a stick.

  • Will someone who is willing to be patient with her and let her progress at her own speed. But the reward for this patience will be great. This little princess is going to make a very loving and devoted companion.


  • Came into care as a feral with her brother and sister (Alpha and Beta).

  • She is the "middle child" - not as fearful as her sister and not as wild as her brother.

  • Gets along well with her feline foster siblings, but does not particularly care for her 82lb canine foster brother. She would likely tolerate smaller, less obnoxious dogs much better.

  • Due to her shyness, she is best suited to a quiet home with no small children.

  • Although she likes to watch all the activity in the house from afar, she also gets in on the action. She loves to play with the other cats in her foster home as well as many toys and the laser light.

  • Will need a bit of time to adjust to her forever home. Once this darling settles in, she will be not only a wonderful addition to your, but also a beautiful girl with her long dilute calico coat.

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