Success Stories





Brosnan (formerly Zeus)



  • Kola was fostered under our owner assistance program at 9 weeks old in June 2020 for his broken leg, through surgery and recovery.

  • Carberry Vet, Dr North, decided to try splinting the break for 4 weeks changing it every week to adjust to his growth.

  • Kola’s break was on the growth plate of his radius and his ulna, the radius fused, but his ulna did not which means his radius would have bowed while continuing to grow and his ulna would not grow leaving him lame.

  • As a team, it was decided to get orthopedic surgeon, Dr Bebchuk, to look at Kola and see what the next step would be to save Kola’s leg throughout his growth.

  • July 20, 2020: Dr Bebchuk decided to perform a special surgery where he would remove part of the ulna bone giving the radius bone room to grow normally. The surgery was a success, but strict kennel care (no running or jumping) being part of his recovery.

  • Recovery went well and once Kola got his staples out, physical therapy was next. Stretches were done for weeks post surgery to build all the muscle back up that Kola had lost from wearing the splints.

  • Kola was returned to his owner on Aug 21st/20.

  • Kola is still the fun loving, happy boy that I had as a foster...I got to see him in Oct during our spay & neuter program and he has recovered remarkably. - Sherrill