Our Story

In 2020, Strays That Can't Pay Inc. underwent several changes including, but not limited to; recruitment of new volunteers, Board of Directors, and enhancing policies and procedures for intake, vetting, spay and neuter, assistance (owner assistance), foster program, food programs along with networking and establishing partnerships.

It was the team's desire to respect the hard work, dedication, and efforts put forth by the founder of Strays That Can't Pay Inc., hence the team developed a new name and to reflect the intentions moving forward of this organization. 

The Southwestern Manitoba Animal Rescue Team (SMART) was dedicated to serving First Nations communities throughout southwestern Manitoba through relationships, fostering mutual respect, providing guidance on animal welfare, providing assistance through spay and neuter programs, as well as ensuring continuous food delivery, assistance to pet owners, and stray or abandoned animals. 

In 2024, as a result of Covid and other circumstances surrounded the name change documentation, SMART has chosen not to re-register as a non-profit charity and is working to dissolve as an organization once assets and debt have been resolved. We thank everyone who have supported us throughout this journey to save the stray and surrendered cats and dogs around the Southwestern area of Manitoba.