Available Dogs

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Available Dogs


Hey guys!! I'm Whiskey.

I'm a handsome rottie x husky, approx 2y old and about 60lbs. I have piercing blue eyes that will steal your heart if my face hasn't already done so. My foster dad says I'm an angel and I don't get into trouble. The only questionable thing I have done is climb on top of the dining table!! Not to get anything, just wanted to climb!! I really love my people and kids in my foster home. I can be protective of them so someone with knowledge of dog breeds with protective instincts would be wonderful. I'm nervous with some new people at first but I will warm up within 5 mins when I can see for myself that you're not gonna hurt anyone. I have medium energy and can go from running circles in the yard to chilling on the couch with you. I love to go for walks and I'm working on not pulling on my leash.. it's hard cause there's so much to see and sniff! I also LOVE my toys. And I am a gentleman when I accept treats.

Oddly enough, my foster dad found out I'm scared of people wearing jackets and coats. Not sure why! I won't hurt anyone, I'll just bark a bit cause I'm nervous.

Please no dogs, they make me nervous.

Age: 2y

Energy: medium

Exercise: medium

Dogs: no

Cats: unknown

Kids: yes with caution


Hiya guys and gals! I'm about to steal your heart, get ready!

I'm a lovely, intelligent and friendly 6m old Great Pyrenees x Husky girl. My foster mom says I'm an absolute darling. I'm very playful and I love to run. I also have a strong scent catching nose and I love to track the trail. I actually dive and leap into the air like foxes do to pounce on things!! I'm such a gem. I also love the game 'find the treat" and if you offer me options to choose where the treat is, I will gently choose one with my paw. I love being outside and I also know how to sit, shake a paw and high five! I love to learn and I'm treat motivated. I sleep in my kennel everynight like the best girl although I would much rather be sleeping with you or free to roam. I have been getting a bedtime treat and it makes me happy to go in my kennel. I tend to steal slippers if I'm left out overnight! I love getting pets, belly rubs and attention but sometimes I just like to do my own thing and play with toys. I will destroy stuffed animals so please get me some strong ones.

Ready to fall even more in love? Come meet me!

Age: 6m

Dogs: yes

Cats: unknown

Kids: yes

Energy: medium-high

Exercise: medium-high

Size: Large